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You want your webserver access to go through HTTPS; that will encrypt the traffic so people in the middle can't read it.


I would suggest Perlin Noise to do this. Basically, generate N perlin noise values for each different factor, or, if you prefer 1 perlin noise value that gets hashed to a class (like planet, or emptiness): int x, y; // coordinates float scale; // The scale of the universe. Adjust this number to affect smoothness. float value = Perlin(x * scale, y * ...


Great Question! In general, you should start with your high level objects and then think about what they do. So, I'm not sure about your specific use case, but I'll assume it is the following: A player will use a skill to attack a different player. This will only work if that skill can be used on that player, which is dependent on a set of conditions. ...


check out http://browserquest.mozilla.org/ as a reference model. it uses node for the backend. They use setTimeout on server side classes e.g character, mob, player. Messages are sent client-server (move, attack etc) and server-client (move,spawn,damage etc). There are client and server side versions of classes for major entities in the game world. Numeric ...


EDIT: Just read your JSON link, and this approach is very similar. Another option is to hash the information. Send the player ID, the date, and a hashed string representing the data. You can encrypt a bit of data in the string to make it uncrackable. eg. Name = Joe Timestamp = 2015-01-15 13:23:44 Your Secret = uniquecode Then you can concatenate into a ...


I don't think displaying an outline of your character will be CPU intensive (unless you have thousands of players to display). You just need to have 2 sets of images for your characters: 1 with only the outline (O sprite) and one with the rest of the character (C sprite). If you're having high tiles, you probably already draw them in the correct order ...


Actually using the overloaded construct that take a WWWForm as second parameter, WWW class is automatically considered as an http post request. Your code can be something like: WWWForm form = new WWWForm(); form.AddField( "NUMBER", aNumber ); WWW postRequest = new WWW( server_url, form );

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