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The only things "stored" on the HDD, are the Assets. Everything the game needs throughout every runtime will be stored once and for all; prefabs, scripts, sounds, etc.. But indeed it's very tricky to optimize loading prefabs that you won't ultimately need all at once, but will still be loaded into the scene and take lots of RAM space, I recommend watching ...


On Unity 5, you may use Profiler window http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/ProfilerWindow.html


As an answer to this question and to most of the comments. Try making some other games first. Since you are a beginner, creating a multiplayer tic-tac-toe (as Shiro suggested) will be hard enough. Even if you can manage to create that creating an MMO is a massive task that most of us, and definitely the beginners, will underestimate. For example: how will ...


It's slow because you're sending a drawcall for every polygon. And each drawcall means communication with the drivers and the GPU, which is slow (I don't know exactly how it is the OpenGL ES. But on Desktops your target is to minimize the amount of drawcalls). And that is, where vbo's come in. A Vbo stores all the vertices of an object in a buffer. If you ...

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