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So, in RotateParticleFinal I have a part that updates the alpha. That's only using floats. But when I check the actual particle to see if the alpha is at 1... well, it's a byte now. It was working better with a lot of debug calls because it slowed everything down, meaning I got a lot more alpha on my deltaTime based fade-in. Been wrestling with this for ...


Add the particle effect to a group with transformation enabled (default).


You might want to look into fur shading technique. This is what I would use for this type of grass, since the shorter the grass is the better the performance (less layers). Basically it works by layering the same surface multiple times in small increments: You can also change the horizontal offset to make the grass look bent.


It is most likely a shader that uses Parallax Occlusion Mapping, which uses normal map to "fake" depth and shadows in a texture. See HERE for examples. Edit: As @Leggy pointed out, it is perhaps more likely that it is displacement mapping since the foot seems to be going between the grass. Anyway, it is some sort of height mapping shader :)

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