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Dont know how your particle system is written but it is very possible that your bottle neck is the communication time between CPU and GPU. Not going to go into too much detail but just know that this operation can be very slow because it causes stalling. Perhaps the idle time you see in profiling is due to that. What a good particle system do is to move all ...


I would take a look at glDraw*Instances (Instancing) Also, reducing vertex count for a large amount of small particles is extremely important. I don't know if your using a model or a single 2D texture or what, but some general tips: Use as few verticies as possible. If using transparency in your textures, use glAlphaFunc to reduce blending needed. If ...


You need to activate the Collision under particle system component itself and set the Collision to be 'World' for particle system component and also check the 'Send Collision Message' check box under Collision. Refer this url


In the particle system component properties you can find a tab that is called collision, then you just tick it and set it to world space, and in order to be detectable you could add a tag to the particle system and make other objects check for the collision with the objects with that tag.

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