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Assuming you're using a Vector2 for your motion (or an x-speed and a y-speed variable), you just need to do a little trigonometry. To find the angle of travel, you take the arctangent of the y-speed divided by the x-speed. Let's call your motion vector "velocity." You can derive the angle by taking atan(velocity.y/velocity.x).


From the assets you have downloaded , locate the prefab for the particle system in the project window. Once you have located the particle prefab, select it so that you can access its properties through the inspector. Example:- Here is a nice tutorial on particle system :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTQeW4muY10


Is the particle system instantiate triggering when it's supposed to? Can you open up the particle editor and change the effects? What version of Unity was the particle system package created on? Need a little more detail...


I would say that No, you can't do that easily with the particle editor. It would require the synchronisation of three values: xOffset yOffset velocity In the libGDX particle effect implementation these are generated using RangedNumericalValues and ScaledNumericalValue, and they provide a new value independently of each other. The offsets are ranged, so ...

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