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I think Polyboards would be the thing for you. If you can get yourself a copy of Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics, there is a section dedicated to this technique in the book.


A small hack would be to set enemy to not visible on collision, and when the explosion finishes then remove it. But then you need to have a callback that is triggered when explosion finishes.


The particles themselves associated with a particular effect shouldn't be tied directly to the object. While there is never a 100% use-case scenario, this still applies to most situations. Your object itself shouldn't be managing the life-cycle of a particle effect, though it may be the instigator for spawning particular effects in the world. So, in your ...


Generally, quads can be replaced by triangles to save computational power. Since a quad is made of two triangles, you can simply make a bigger triangle that will encompass the whole particle texture (if any) and add it a transparency shader. You'll get an instant decrease of geometry computation by 50% compared to an all-quad system, for exactly the same ...

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