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If you really want to target OpenGL, GLES and WebGL you should reuse as much code as possible but it's not a simple task. OpenGL and OpenGL ES are fairly similar. In fact a lot of the code can be reused between the two. WebGL isn't quite as easy as, you're right, you need to recompile with emscripten which is a whole separate task. Your project ...


Okay so I solved it: 1. Make sure glEnable(GL20.GL_BLEND_COLOR); is on and the blend function is Gdx.gl.glBlendFunc(GL20.GL_BLEND_SRC_ALPHA,GL20.GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA); 2. Edit the light texture in something like GIMP to double check that your background is transparent. 3. MOST IMPORTANT Make sure the lightFramebuffer is Format.RGBA4444 or ...

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