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That was an issue with the driver not compiling uniform sampler2D u_LightmapTexture[MAX_LIGHTMAPS] correctly. Unrolling the array of sampler2Ds fixed the issue.


Well, OpenGL is a state machine, so inorder to plot function dependencies you need to plot a state machine, there is this one that models the most recent versions of OpenGL pipeline including ES2.0 and 4.0. Unfortuantely I couldn't find a diagram the plots function dependencies but I guess that can be mostly deduced from the state machine.


On iOS it seems that you are asking for trouble when the total memory usage for your app starts approaching half of the device's total memory (1gb for iPhone 5). But there's not a completely hard limit and it's not totally predictable. We have noticed that you get more leeway after a reboot of the device, for example. Anecdotally it seems that if your app ...

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