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Z-buffer. It's how webgl handles it.


Quoting the author: I got it working: The textures are made up of several colors. I went ahead and changed it to use a color array, and not use glColor4f(), when drawing the solid color borders, adding them with glColorPointer() and in beginDrawing() it does glEnableClientState() or glDisableClientState() with GL10.GL_COLOR_ARRAY and it's working pretty ...


I haven't used SDL or made anything for iOS so I might have missed something, but with that said. I think your best bet would be to look into OpenGL ES (Embedded System), using OpenGL with SDL can be enabled with SDL_SetVideoMode. Normally you would be able to use quadbuffering for stereoscopy in OpenGL, but I don't think the ES allows for that, in that ...


Sending MVMatrix to the GPU and performing multiplication is not a problem. The GPU is very good at matrix multiplication that most of it is better moved from CPU to GPU, actually the GPU is designed as a vector processor to handle these operations. Newer GPUs can handle Giga Flops so don't worry about performance for simple light calculations. If your ...

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