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It's easy to produce an effect like this in a pixel shader, using threshold animation. The idea is that you have a monochrome texture and apply a threshold value to it; wherever the texture is lower than the threshold, the material is colored, and where the texture is higher than the threshold the material is blank. You animate the threshold value from 0 ...


There are a bunch of GL extensions related to ETC2 support: OES_compressed_ETC2_RGB8_texture OES_compressed_ETC2_sRGB8_texture OES_compressed_ETC2_punchthroughA_RGBA8_texture OES_compressed_ETC2_punchthroughA_sRGB8_alpha_texture OES_compressed_ETC2_RGBA8_texture OES_compressed_ETC2_sRGB8_alpha8_texture The ES3 compatibility extension aggregates those (and ...

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