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Lacking an OpenGL compiler I forgot a semicolon. So this "v_TexCoordinate = a_TexCoordinate" + should be this: "v_TexCoordinate = a_TexCoordinate;" +


Alpha mask texture approach In case your circle would always be the same size, using a second alpha mask texture would be the way to go. You would make it a grayscale mask texture and use its value as the alpha value while drawing. Using a texture had the benefit of having anti-aliasing built into the mask (ie. at the borders of your circle, the pixels can ...


The scissor rectangle applies to pixels within the depth and stencil targets, just as it does to color targets. Only pixels within the scissor rectangle will be candidates for writing, so other states controlling reading from or writing to depth/stencil targets are essentially irrelevant - they will never be read or written. For example, the depth write mask ...


It seems to me there may be a design issue in the game itself if the frame rate regularly drops to 2fps and that's considered normal. Some turn-based games might take a while to render and present the next screen as basically "static" plus some simple interactive rendering on top of it, but then that's the game style itself. Typically if your game is ...

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