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You're not going to be able to initialize OpenFeint without having an application context and respecting the Android life cycle. It needs a context and it needs to be done in onCreate(). To my knowledge, there is no way around that.


The problem was in the Android manifest. My main class inheriting from Application was not added as the main application class in the description. Once added, the app called a new object and the OnCreate method where I could initialize OpenFeint. As OpenFeint is open you can now statically call the OpenFeint functions to open the different views.


If you're getting stuck trying to add OpenFeint (or now GREE) leaderboards to your Android game, then take a look at Swarm (aka SwarmConnect). It's incredibly easy and straight forward to implement and some pretty popular games are already using it (Logo Quiz with 10 million to 50 million downloads is one example).


more potential customers GameCenter easier API They're all trivially easy wider feature list OpenFeint I'm going to develop implement one of those two for highscore recording in my game which ones gives more advantages? Use GameCenter unless you need some of the features beyond "high score list" that OpenFeint currently provides.

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