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Frameworks in C++ tend to use their own string implementation to solve Unicode and localization issues. Unicode support in C++ is generally not that good even in C++11. std::string can't store Unicode characters. If you want to take advantage of unicode and probably localization you may want to use their string.


Okay well... I couldn't work out what was going on with the lerp in Ogre. I tried vectors and floats and it just wasn't happening as expected. However, it occurred to me that surely the shaders would have a lerp functionality in them. Perhaps one that actually works. I modified my vertex shader like this : uniform vec4 oldcolor; uniform vec4 newcolor; ...


So, the answer it turns out is to create a child scene node of the sunNode positioning it some distance away. Ogre::SceneNode* sunBBNode = sunNode->createChildSceneNode("sunFlare", Ogre::Vector3(0,0,-1000)); Creating the billboard is easy. In this case, I am just using the Examples/Flare material from the default Ogre media. Ogre::BillboardSet* ...

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