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I already fixed this like a week ago or so. I just don't need to call sock=tcpaccept(global.tcpConnection,1);, but just receive the messages with receivemessage(global.tcpConnection, 9999999);


It would be hard (and probably overkill) to try to provide anything besides casting, multicasting and broadcasting of generic messages for real-time multiplayer games. You could even make it more generic by creating simple key-value (string-JSON) room storage behind websocket service with operations like: set(key, value) get(key) observe(key) maybe ...


At the conceptual level, the way you do image-based collision tests in server code is by loading images into memory and operating on the grid of pixels they contain, either directly or by using helpful libraries. Image loading and manipulation libraries like ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick tends to have bindings to pretty much any platform in existence, and ...

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