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Rocket League is the closest thing I've seen lately. If you're, say, playing on PC, you can match up against /with people playing on ps4. However, you can't make a party with people on ps4, only the random matchmaking.


DC Universe Online is now cross-platform. Players from PC can now play together with PS4 players in the same server. Another good thing about this is that, it's free to play... well up to a certain level.


This is a community-wiki answer. When you can think of other advantages and disadvantages, feel free to edit. Advantages: Makes it a bit harder (but not impossible!) to reverse-engineer your protocol with a packet analyzer Protects your users privacy. This is especially relevant when you have passwords transfered over the same channel. Protects your ...


You'll want to take a different approach for this. Rather than trying to change the players' positions based on who the local player is, move/flip the camera to orient around the local player. Here's one way you could do this: Create a component to attach to your camera: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class PlayerCamera : ...


Intro One smooth way to do this is to interpolate for a short period of time if the postions are "near enough" just for a "viewing" perspective, but still have the "proper position" in sync with the server for collisions and so. Definition of "near enough" Near enough is "what typically will happen in normal operation" of your servers, and to calculate ...


Unity uses Box2D Box2D JS is availible


When you use two different physics engines, it will be almost impossible that they will always come to the exact same results. Large physics systems can behave quite chaotically (small changes in variables create drastically different outcomes). So considerable desynchronization will become inevitable. The most obvious solution would be to keep the physics ...


Interesting Question! Let me try to answer some of your points: 1 - How do I simulate physics on the server, do I need to rewrite parts of client side on the server side using a JavaScript physics engine? Yes, essentially, thats what you would do, if you want physics on the server. You have to ask you the question: Do I need the server to validate ...


I would do a copy of something like the ELO system with steam or trophies with Clash of Clans, personally I would make an algorithm where depending on your score to the enmies' score each goal, win, body check, or whatever that involves skill would gain you a certain amount of score, as well as getting scored on, losing, getting body checked, etc. makes you ...

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