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I could list some websites where you could announce your game, but the process to find non-paying players is pretty much the same as the one to find paying players. That means I would just be duplicating the answers to "How can I promote my game?" and similar questions. The problem with public beta tests is that they easily escalate to a PR event for the ...


Generally I would say "No, there is no schema for this and no set of standards". This is because this purely is based on the needs of the specific game (which data is sent) and the used protocols (how the data is sent). You can use this via plain UDP/TCP packages and write your own protocol using binary data transmission, you can use HTTP/S and send your ...


You could use a pub/sub messaging platform like Realtime (http://framework.realtime.co/messaging). Whenever you need to update the position of a player simply publish the location to a pub/sub channel that the other players are subscribing. Simple as that. ** I am the CTO for Realtime Framework at Realtime.co **

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