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Anko and ashes999 were both right. (See their comments to my initial question) All my problems built upon my misunderstanding of spriteBatch.draw()-API. As soon as I got the right block size in place and adapted the camera to this new stuff all my problems were gone.


It's really your tools' responsibility to respond appropriately to events, so I'd recommend representing each of your tools as an object containing functions that handle mouse events and delegating the event handling to the currently active tool. In practice, you can do this by defining your tools var railsTool = { onMouseUp : function(event) { /* ...


This is usually solved by changing glfwSetInputMode with GLFW_CURSOR from GLFW_CURSOR_HIDDEN to GLFW_CURSOR_DISABLED. The behavior differences are due to the differences in OS APIs that GLFW uses and how they interact with the windowing system. In the documentation, it says that DISABLED should be used for 3D camera controls, and HIDDEN should be used when ...

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