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"Delta", "d" or "Δ", means "difference" in a mathematical context. Whenever there's a difference difference between two numbers with similar meanings, that difference may be called a "delta", or a "d". Deltas are very common in game development. For example, the difference between a character's X-coordinate one second ago and its X-coordinate now can be ...


This is the "time delta." It's how much time has elapsed since the previous update. It's necessary to ensure that animations, physics, and so on are running at the right speed. The code is running once per frame update. However, there's no guarantee that frames are drawn at a constant speed. One frame might take 1/60th of a second and the next might ...


dt (delta time) is the time between each cycle/render frame (or any time stamp you desire) of your loop. With this delta time we can stretch certain values over time. Just like in the real world we measure certain physics properties over time. Let's say we run our game 60 frames a second. If we want our our player to move 5 pixels per second we do 5 * ...


dt stands for delta time. It is used in the calculation of frame rate to insure the game runs at the same speed no matter what the frame rate is. More information on framerate independence can be found here.


Remember that acceleration is a change in velocity. You will want to use the acceleration samples to accumulate in the velocity variable. IE, instead of velocity = acceleration * time try velocity = velocity + acceleration * time


I once created a system like this as an experiment. The way I did it was to abstract the pixel-perfect path of the mouse away into a series of quantized directions of travel (rounded to 45° for my purposes). My primitive matching algorithm just tried to fit a pattern to the series when the user released the mouse button. If I were to do it again I would ...

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