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To make a totally new car, you'll first have to model it in 3D in a modelling program. Blender is a reasonable freely-available modelling tool. Once you've got the model, you need to export it into the .dff file format used by Vice City. This plugin can export from Blender to .dff; you can find plenty of other .dff exporters for other modelling tools as ...


Right Click on the terrain and click "Export Package", open the package in an archiving program then open the "archtemp.tar" from within that package. Copy The "Asset" File and give it the file extension ".asset".


I hope this function gives you a raw idea on how it might work: // a couple of items to help out with the imagination Item apple = new Item("Apple"); Item sugar = new Item("Sugar"); Item peach = new Item("Peach"); Item marmelade = new Item("Marmelade"); Item banana= new Item("Banana"); Item milk= new Item("Milk"); Item shake = new Item("Banana Shake"); // ...

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