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It looks like the Wings3D object doesn't have texture coordinates. There is a texture applied, it's just not applied correctly. Without texture coordinates, it'll just stretch a single pixel of the texture over the entire object.


Currently, Unity3d has no built-in 3d modeling tool. However, it can import models made with other editors in a large variety of formats. You can use almost every common 3d modeling program to create 3d models and then import them into Unity. For software recommendations regarding 3d modeling programs, please ask on https://softwarerecs.stackexchange.com


The way to fix this is : Remove the collider and rigidbody from the parent object. Select all the children of your object that are part of the car Give all these children Ridigbodies, and sphere/cube/capsule // generated colliders according to your needs. And make all the rigidbodies kinematic. That should keep them from pushing away each other, and ...

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