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You need to implement/find something that can load the model data into verts/normals/uvs. etc. Use something like blender to convert the format into the format of your choice.


The model itself is not more costly to made but an additional texture is required. Depending on the artist a new texture has to be drawn or the bumpiness is created from a high detail version of the model. The is no general answer. Unity states Normal mapped. This is a bit more expensive than Diffuse: it adds one more texture (normal map), and a couple of ...


Take care about unity import settings... If you click on your model in unity you will see scale factor among the parameters. Take care the value is correct to fit your needs.


The error is clear. One of your meshes/vertices is missing a texture coordinate, which is the expectation in this case. In Maya, apply a texture channel to transform1 mesh even if you have no intentions of assigning any textures to it. Also, why do you have a mesh called "transform"? Are you sure you didn't mistakenly misname a bone as mesh or vice versa?

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