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So I took a look through the MonoGame content pipeline code to see how it works and turns out its using AssImpNET. So importing your models via the MonoGame pipeline is a solution to your question. Just from reading the AssImp documentation it looks like this code could handle formats other than ".fbx", ".x" dictated by the annotation. Issues would arise ...


There are many points you can check: does it load (import) correctly in your Unity how many polygons how many textures how many bones how many draw calls does it incur in the engine. in forward mode / and deferred mode. is it manifold does it create seams while lightmapped previous point is linked to secondary UV set unwrapping quality. does it have a ...


Make sure that the culling order is correct. This depends on whether you're using LR or RH. If you're not sure, then just try both GraphicsDevice.RasterizerStates.CullFront and GraphicsDevice.RasterizerStates.CullBack to see which one looks correct. Also, you might want to try rendering with your camera's world matrix through Matrix.Transpose.

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