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Okay you'll never use high poly models in the actual game itself. The purpose of a high-poly model is to provide your low-poly silhouette model "DETAIL" information for baking. Two different methods for creating models. 1) Low to High 2) High to Low Low to High is for modelers that are more methodical. Like Maya Artist to Zbrush High to Low is more ...


I think your question is about modelling assets for your game and whether you should start with a low or high poly prototype. To me it makes sense to prototype quickly and therefore choose whichever takes you the least amount of time... That doesn't always mean low-poly (though in general it is usually quicker to build a prototype model out of simple ...


It looks like your bounding box is too large for your sprite, try making sure that the sprite's feet touch the bottom of the bounding box in Spriter. EDIT: It turns out can do it Contruct 2 itself, just double click on the part of the sprite that dosent touch the ground to open the sprite editor. Then click on crop and you're good to go!

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