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Try fixing parenthesis: var pitch = Math.atan((v*v+Math.sqrt(v*v*v*v - g*(g*x*x+2*y*v*v)))/(g*x)); var pitch2 = Math.atan((v*v-Math.sqrt(v*v*v*v - g*(g*x*x+2*y*v*v)))/(g*x)); Consider also using atan2 function. Maybe in your case it won't fix anything but it's always good to know about it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atan2


The bulk of Minecraft's chunk rendering goes through a vertex array. The world is split into 16x16x16-block render-chunks (which currently happen to be the same as storage-chunks, but it wasn't always that way). Each render-chunk is converted to a vertex array, and rendered. It uses OpenGL display lists (one per render-chunk) as an older alternative to ...


Modern iterations Minecraft can use both VBOs or immediate mode (glBegin and friends). The reason why it can get away with that is because of other rendering optimizations. Try refraining from rendering any blocks that are not adjacent to air (less bandwidth), building and optimizing meshes from chunk data (less vertices to draw), or cutting down on the ...

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