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Comparing your FishMoveHelper to the GuardianMoveHelper, I do notice two key differences. 1) You have: if (this.update) While the guardian has: if (this.update && !this.field_179930_g.getNavigator().noPath()) // |-- entity --| Try using: if (this.update && !this.entity.getNavigator().noPath()) 2) The guardian ...


First off, it would be greatly beneficial to learn Java before attempting to create a minecraft mod. There are many great tutorials out there (I personally started out learning with thenewboston's tutorials on youtube) and you'll gain a new useful skill! Now onto your question. As newton1212 said, texture management has changed in 1.8. In fact, nearly ...


First off, you want to override TileEntity#updateEntity() in your Energizer TileEntity. Inside here is where you can scan for nearby EntityItems. With the worldObj member you can use World#getEntitiesWithinAABB(Class, AxisAlignedBB) to find any entities of a given class within the defined bounding box (i.e., right above your tile entity). @Override public ...


some libraries are distributed in binary form, and have to have the source downloaded and linked separately in the build configurations in order to open and look at the file. check to make sure you have the source

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