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The error is telling you that the file mcp.cfg can't be found. Normally this would mean you've deleted it, or you have a bad install of MCP that doesn't contain the file and should re-download it. However, you mention that you have thought about copying variables from it, so that suggest to me that you do actually have the file on your disk and have seen ...


Minecraft's item and crafting recipes are defined in code, not in data. So you'll have to decompile the .jar files to do any useful analysis. To include mods in this analysis, you'd need to decompile them as well. The main Minecraft server contains an Item.java file that lists all items along with their item IDs. The format of the calls that insert items ...


your Answer from Arqade MCEdit is a tool for editing minecraft save file, I can write a filter for it that manipulates the MC saves. I can also read the OTBC file using the OT c++ modules and formatting them into XML then translating the XML into MCedit readable data and then injecting them into a minecraft save through a MCedit filter script.

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