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Looks like making a new SpriteBatch ever update wasn't such a smart idea of me! Lesson learned!


Well if you want to generate the indices it really depends on how you store the vertices. But lets say you store it like I show below. So vertex 0 is the bottom left and vertex 24 is the upper right. The bottom triangle 015, notice the pattern that 1=0+1 and 5=0+(4+1). So you can iterate through all the bottom left vertices and calculate the indices. ...


From a conceptual point of view you seem to be on the right track. Here is the way I did it. I'm currently developing a 3D game that I wanted to be able to run on low-memory Windows Phones. My game has lots of 20k tri models, so memory management was a problem. In essence, to solve my problem I broke my game down into about 4 sections: Global, menu, space, ...


The easiest method is to only keep 2 tracks in memory; one playing and one ready to be played. When one track is done you start the next one and also start loading the track (in a background thread) to be played after that one and close() the Clip that just finished.

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