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I suggest looking into Collada. (.dae) It uses XML. So you can open it in any text editor. However, you need to download a plugin for maya to import and export these files. You can download those here http://sourceforge.net/projects/colladamaya/files/ Also, as for the motion retargeting, look into this http://gameware.autodesk.com/humanik/features


In Maya 2014 you go to Modify -> Paint Scripts Tool [Options] -> Setup. Enter "geometryPaint" under 'Tool setup cmd:' and there you have it!


So I found it - posting the response here for future reference X/Y/Z = -7.189/0/10.136 in the Maya channel editor are rounded off values - the values themselves have a larger number of significant digits - e.g. -7.188707 so search for the first 2 decimal places only

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