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You can make a uniform for as many things as you want, including per object. If you want object A) to have a different uniform then object B), then create one for each item and bind it to the shader when it is time for that object to render. Any given object in a scene can have many uniform variables. This technique applies also to any sort of ...


So firstly, I'd like to apologize if my question was poorly worded or if it was just confusing in general. I think I've figured out the proper solution now. It took a while because I had passed it off earlier after trying it and not immediately seeing desired results (I needed to basically remake my wooden manikin object from scratch). Basically, I found ...


Based on you comments, it seems that you're storing the orientation of the object as a set of Euler angles, and in/decrementing the angles when the player rotates the object. That is, you have something like this pseudocode: // in player input handling: if (axis == AXIS_X) object.angleX += dir; else if (axis == AXIS_Y) object.angleY += dir; else if (axis ...


I've been in a similar spot some time ago, then i asked this question. You should try to apply the transformation matrix on the GPU side with vertex shaders, so it wont take years to change every vertex in your model. I hope it helps

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