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I see you solved your own problem. However, I would like to explain what are you looking at, and what to look for in an error log like the one you received, in case you get a similar error in the future. There are many type of error logs, and this one is quite low level. It is difficult to understand what the problem is with a large game with such an error ...


Well this is embarrassing... I had some compiler errors showing up in the editor from me converting some game Objects to transforms. I changed them back to gameObjects and everything works fine. I was just trying to save a little memory. but thank you guys for your advise down in the comments.


This isn't explicitly a problem of Unity. This is something an installer could do for your programm. Summed up: it is a registry setting Hope this link helps: where-in-the-registry-does-windows-store-with-which-program-to-open-certain-files @ superuser Code samples on microsoft social network MSDN

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