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Test only (projected.W < 0), not (Z < 0 || W < 0). In some clip space formulations (cough OpenGL cough), the visible range includes positive and negative Z values, whereas W is always positive in front of the camera and negative behind.


Given the three vectors [camera position], [camera direction] and [object position]. Compute the dot product of [camera direction] and [object position]-[camera position]. If the result is negative, the object is behind the camera. Given that I understood your code right it would be: if((PositionX - Camera.PositionX) * Camera.LookAtX + (PositionY - ...


How about doing it a bit differently? Start as usual and render all markers within viewport. If a marker is outside of the viewport - proceed: Get positions of the marker A Get position of the camera B (maybe slightly in front of it) Calculate 3D vector AB between these two Convert and normalize that vector into 2D screen bounds (A will be in view center ...

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