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You want to use the following technique to modify the projection matrix. It moves the near plane to a given location (like the plane of the portal). http://www.terathon.com/lengyel/Lengyel-Oblique.pdf


I have not implemented this myself, but I would imagine using the the stencil buffer would solve your problem. Render the portal to the stencil buffer and then render the objects in the portal's frustum. You will then get pixel-perfect culling of the object. Here's a website with some details: ...


What you want is a curvilinear perspective projection matrix to correct for the perspective projection distortion. aka barrel or pincushion projection: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curvilinear_perspective Basically, you distort the image with a projection that is the opposite of the distortion you don't want so it all comes out straight in the end. ...

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