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for second and third question: try following this aproach . The post make reference to colliders but you can use it with tiles. Essentialy you can use big rectangular quads to enclose the same tiles like this: Using larger quads reduce the tiled light effect.


Use an animated texture. There are some good ones in the store for < $10. Add a Halo. You can use the particle system, or just a transparent glow texture in front of the sun with a script to re-position the texture when the camera moves. Rotate the sun, slowly. Use particle system for eruptions. Use a shader to make the edges of the ball glow brighter, ...


This has been commented on via http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/gi-global-illumination-load-level-additive-rendering-issues.310452/ LoadLevelAdditive is supported for lightmaps like in 4.x but currently not for Realtime GI. We are working on making this work for both lightprobes + realtime GI. The approach we are going for is: * You load all scenes that ...

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