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If I have understood your question right, I believe you are asking if the tools you mentioned let you commercialize the games that you create using them. In that case, the answer is yes. Their licenses and terms and conditions are very generous. Here's what they give you: When it comes to OpenGL (licenced under MIT License) From Wikipedia Copyright ...


According to the Unity store page, the $75/month subscription is locked in for 12 months, so it would cost $900 for one year. (click the $75/month price link for subscription details) If you wanted to update your game after one year, you would need another subscription after that, so maybe $1,800 all up if you plan on updating your game after a year. Or, ...


$75 per month means that every month, you get charged $75, no matter if you have a game out or not. You'd probably be able to pay for only that month, but I have no idea how legal that is in the eyes of Unity's lawyers. I'd personally go on their forums and ask, or email them and ask.

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