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You should consider using a plain 2d-array or alternatively an array of rooms, where each room is a 2d-array or a grid. A grid would looks something like this: The player is the yellow dot and the blocks are the green ones. if the player is the light gray square, you only need to check for blocks that around that square area. This saves you the time of ...


I have no idea about how JSON of the libGDX parser works, but from what I can see, only keys with a value of 0 were removed. So in your code, if you cannot read the value from the JSON, put 0 as the default one. Also, you can play with the JSON parser to have a better print if you want: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23401431/libgdx-json-parsing


For your collision I would merge adjacent colliding tiles together into one big collision box instead of iterating over every single tile and checking their individual collision. Also I think that a quadtree would work much better than your current approach with a HashMap as it splits your gameworld up in sections and make it easy to delete a section of ...

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