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Regarding using names When one releases a game commercially, they usually register a trademark for that name and product category. When one registers a trademark, nobody else may use that name for their product, when that product falls into the same product category. You can use the patent trademark database of the US patent and trademark office to check if ...


Concepts are not copyright, assets are. Names are also not copyright, but they can be trademarked. Logos are copyright. In the U.S., you don't have to apply for copyright, it is implicit when you create content. You can make whatever you want as long as you are not copying assets or infringing upon trademarks. You can rip as many ideas as you like. Ideas ...


There are several sections of the Unity End-User License Agreement (which is for version 4.x as I write this, although earlier versions are similar) that pertaining to this issue. The most directly relevant is section 3, which reads (in part): You will not delete or in any manner alter any Unity or third-party copyright, trademark or other ...


Even though hacking the APK seems easy but it will definitely not run, the other option I believe is to upgrade to the Unity Pro version and I found on some research onto it. See links: Answer from the Unity 3D page Forums Documents about splash screen

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