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The internet is full of copyright violations. Just because you see people posting 3rd party art assets doesn't mean that they are allowed to. You might wonder "but they didn't get sued, why should I"? Maybe SNK hasn't found out about the copyright violation yet. Maybe they can not locate the violator. Maybe it's not worth their time because the violators ...


Just negotiate with them. If they're willing to take a royalty, they will. If not, you'll have to get other assets.


As pointed out so far legal issues are always a gray area with a lot of interpretation and argumentation. The non-lawyer but more practitacal and ethical advice I once received was: it is not a clone if you can see a difference (e.g. other graphics, sounds, name) and YOU ADD SOMETHING VALUABLE to the orgininal concept. As example all shmups would be clones ...

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