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Just negotiate with them. If they're willing to take a royalty, they will. If not, you'll have to get other assets.


The internet is full of copyright violations. Just because you see people posting 3rd party art assets doesn't mean that they are allowed to. You might wonder "but they didn't get sued, why should I"? Maybe SNK hasn't found out about the copyright violation yet. Maybe they can not locate the violator. Maybe it's not worth their time because the violators ...


First of all, I am not a lawyer and in this site questions about these issues have to be always taken as ideas, thoughts or experiences, never as technical advice. Second, I see you are not from US and I have to tell you that what I am about to say is fairly based on the US laws. So, that said, you don't need, but you can and you likely should copyright ...


In short, "Register with the US Copyright Office, but otherwise don't worry." (Or whatever your national copyright organization happens to be.) I expect others have more nuanced, more informed opinions on this, but here's my thoughts anyways. And of course: None of this should be taken as legal advice - if you're truly concerned, seek the advice of a ...

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