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Yes. But it depends entirely on the game you want to make, and how much time you want to spend making it. Clearly, Ada is not a well known language in the world of game development. That comes with it a few complications: You'll have to create most of your own tools/libraries (pathfinding, texture/model parsers, animation libraries, etc.) I don't think ...


I'm not sure if there is a game-specific translation framework but I've used gettext system for handling translations in WordPress. Here's the WP page describing their translation process along with a list of tools. The gist is that you create a template file that you in turn use to create translations. The final step is producing a binary, machine optimized ...


The commercial game 'Strategic Command' was written in Eiffel. You can write a the game logic in just about any language, the challenge lies in the GUI and IO parts. Your ADA environment should have capable libraries. Btw there is an Ada version for .net but with serious limitations due to the constraints of the platform.

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