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I would create a directory containing language text files. The directory could look like this: en.txt 0 "Start game" 1 "Load game" 2 "Enable cannons" 3 "Join server" 4 "Kill the enemy" fr.txt 0 "Démarrer le jeu" 1 "Load game" 2 "Activer canons" 3 "Rejoignez serveur" 4 "Tuer l'ennemi" de.txt 0 "Spiel starten" 1 "Spiel laden" 2 "Enable Kanonen" ...


Here are 2 common ways games save space when communicating strings over the network or serializing to disk. Zlib the text or use some other compression algorithm (even just Huffman compression). You can compress the text with a pre-shared compression header so that the header doesn't add to the size. If there are common strings you have to send or ...

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