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You are not setting the Player transform of your clones, most likely. If I had to guess, you drag and drop the Player object onto your prefabs that are in your scene. This effectively maps your player onto your Transform object. However, if you clone the enemy, the object is a new instance, and the player transform is not initialized. Example on how to ...


Try this: var speed = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(heroVelX, 2) + Math.pow(heroVelY, 2)); The case is that the ^ operator is the bitwise XOR operator. You should use Math.pow(base, exponent). Here is a an example: link.


Actually, i'm not sure how "browserquest" handles this. But in other 2D topdown-View games, you just have multiple layers of tiles. Mostly 2+. In this case, the bottom of the tree is on layer 2, which will be drawn second (first layer is the grass underneath), and the top of the tree is on layer n-1, which will be drawn last. So the drawing-order would be ...


You use a library that handles those numbers: https://github.com/MikeMcl/big.js


Three.JS has a function for this based upon this principle. BTW Matrix4x4 are represented internally as Column-Major, not sure what bullet uses. Three.js Matrix4x4.makeRotationFromQuaternion(Quaternion) makeRotationFromQuaternion: function ( q ) { var te = this.elements; var x = q.x, y = q.y, z = q.z, w = q.w; var x2 = x + x, y2 = y + y, z2 ...


Support for this was added in Phaser 2.1.2. Please see the Text.addColor method.

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