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Your algorithm only looks at the diagonals: final int[] axs = new int[] { -1, 1 }; final int[] ays = new int[] { -1, 1 }; ... for(final int ax : axs) { for(final int ay : ays) { final int x = current.x + ax; final int y = current.y + ay; You need to also check the orthogonal tiles: (x+0, y+1), (x+1, y+0), (x+0, y-1), (x-1, y+0). In ...


I've never tried to get this to work myself, but it seems like you would just need to increase the upward force applied to the jet ski's body as a function of the depth of the jet ski below the "surface" of the water object. The easiest way to get the distance below the surface might be to make a constant variable that describes the height of the water's ...


After much frustration, I found out that I had made a folder the same name with the text file by mistake!! After deleting the folder all works fine, thank you for replying!

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