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I would try using a screen buffer to draw all the walls (and possibly the characters) to. And then you can apply the perspective to all the walls at once. This should eliminate any errors you are getting because perspective is being applied to a single image rather than multiple images. You would than assemble the scene by drawing floor layer and then the ...


Hopefully I understand correctly what you are trying to do. First get all the 128 x 64 rectangles with each tile by iterating through the big image and taking subimages. Then, use an alpha map to keep only the tile you are trying to separate. If you don't know what an alpha map is, there should be plenty of tutorials online explaining how to use them.


I have implemented A* pathfinding on a hexagonal grid in C# that nicely smooths paths like so (in an opensource project under the MIT License): Key portions of the code are reproduced here. void ExpandNeighbour(IDirectedPath path, NeighbourHex neighbour) { if ( ! OpenSet.Contains(neighbour.Hex.Coords)) { var cost = StepCost(neighbour.Hex, ...


You could look at Theta* - it's invented for exactly that purpose. Pretty much like A*, except when adding a node it tests if the new node can be reached directly from the active node's parent, and if so from that node's parent, and so on. It produces very-nearly-perfect paths in most conditions. Image is the output of my very, vey buggy C++ ...

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