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When people refer to an isometric perspective in the context of pixel art or video games, they are usually talking about a dimetric projection where the z-axis is vertical and the x and y axis go diagonal with a vertical:horizontal ratio of 1:2. The reason is that this is much easier to pixel than a "true" isometric projection: Alternatively there are ...


As I found out later here isometric in video games in game development it is better to have tiles with a 1/2 height/width ratio, which displays better and is nice for calculations. As I measured, having those ratios also means having a 127 degrees angle. Later, I found this answer on gamedev : What is the view perspective angle of most 2.5D isometric games ...


This can be done in a variety of ways, most requireing use of a 3D engine. In one of our prototype engines we did it by using a custom 3D engine based on LibGDX that used orthographic projection to get isometric view. Each "tile" was then rendered as a 3D cube with textures, so we had to create content for the textures. The seams required extra love in the ...


You can develop the game as a 3D game, but have a fixed camera angles and use "upright" sprites. A game that pulls this off is Bastion: The animations are very smooth and well-done, but they still use sprite sheets.

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