The Irrlicht Engine is an easy to use, cross-platform graphics engine programmed in C++. See the official feature list, API documentation, wiki and forums.

  • Supports multiple rendering engines, including Direct3D 8 and 9, OpenGL 1.2-4+, a built-in Irrlicht software renderer, and the Burningsvideo Software Renderer
  • Cross-platform support for Linux, Windows and MacOS X, with experimental support for Android and iOS.
  • Direct loading of many common asset file formats, with write support for some formats
  • Support for both skeletal character animation (.b3d, .x and .ms3d) and morph target animation (.md2 and .md3)
  • Easy to use scene graph based
  • 2D GUI system, Unicode support and XML parsing
  • Support for GLSL and HLSL shaders, including Vertex, Fragment, Geometry and Tessellation shaders
  • A simple built in collision system, with community built wrappers for popular physics engines such as Bullet, ODE and NewtonDynamics.
  • Released under the Zlib license.
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