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There are experimental/inprogress ports to both platforms. Andriod This one is not associated with the Love2D team. iOS This one is being created by the Love2D team.


An other approach would be to use an UIButton for each country and detect if the player touch the non transparent part of the png. For that you need an UIBUTTON that respond to touches only in areas where the image that is assigned to the button for UIControlStateNormal is non-transparent. There is a custom UIBUTTON class : OBShapedButton ...


Interesting idea. It's a bit "square peg, round hole," but it could work. The biggest problem I foresee is in dealing with the animation of any sort of sprite that needs to transition from one cell to another smoothly. You'll probably have to do some hoop-jumping to make that work well, especially in the context of a scroll operation (which you'll also need ...


Unity Remote exists for this purpose. Quoting their description: Unity Remote is an application that allows you to use your target device as a remote control for your project in Unity editor. This is useful during development since it is much quicker to test your project in the editor with remote control than to build and deploy it to the device ...


I had similar question and I did use this solution. Construct CGPathRef and then do check using CGPathContainsPoint in touchesBegan method.

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