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You're on the right track. The gist of the client-server networking model is that a server is that it's a central point of knowledge that clients connect to. A game server typically contains an in-memory world representation, a list of connected players, a game loop (with e.g. player control handler, a physics engine & AI). You'll also need a ...


When you create an app with gdx-setup, simply select Android and iOS and de-select Desktop and Web options. If you have created them, just ignore them.


With libGDX, you can either create a runnable JAR file or a native application file. To get your app on the Mac App Store, you will need to go with the second option. This can most easily be done with a tool called packr. What it does is it packages your JAR file (all the code and assets) with a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) into a standalone .app file ...


You need a 3d noise function (perlin,simplex,..). Call it f(x,y,z). Usualy this function returns a 0..1 float value. Yuu simply decide your sea kevel float k in 0..1 and Foreach point of the sphere If f(x,y,z) < k k is your heigth in that point Else f(x,y,z) is your heigth in that point

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