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Whenever a game introduces a relatively new or relatively unique control scheme, some users are definitely going to be confused. The easiest way to retain these users is by introducing and allowing them to test out the scheme in some sort of tutorial level, which may even just be a set of controllable graphics. So I'm going to say Yes on the tutorial level.


In simple terms a common design in SpriteKit games is scenes, layers, nodes and child nodes. You might make each part into a discrete class that encapsulates all of the parts, properties and methods. For example a Background class that has layered images, particles, various properties like the speed each layer should move and public methods to start and ...


First of all yes, off course you are able to create mobile games with the Unity free engine. Otherwise it would be silly to have added a feature like that in the free version. In the past free versions there was limited access to the engine but still plenty of tools to work with and complete a game. Unity changed it's license since unity 5.0, they had too ...


Reference unity asset : Easy JSON Hashtable This package is very easy and can be easily converted JSON. JSON string can be easily converted into Hashtable. Hashtable that also can be easily converted into a JSON string.

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