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You have only two main options, both of which have serious pros and cons: Use normalized positioning, so that the X and Y coordinates are expressed effectively as a percentage of the available width and height. Use absolute positioning, so the X and Y coordinates are exactly the pixel or point coordinates of the sprite on the screen. Relative positioning ...


No. While the details of copyright law varies by jurisdiction (US versus Europe for example), the general thrust is basically the same: copyright gives the author of the work the control over who can use the work and how. It is only okay to use somebody's copywritten work if they have explicitly permitted you to do so. "Giving the author credit" or "not ...


As Krom Stern pointed out, there is no "correct" way of doing UI for a game. To be honest the whole rasterVSvector thing is misleading, as you should always chose the one that works best in the particular case (look at this --> article for more info on raster/vector, and when to prefer one over the other). Now when it comes to games two things are always in ...


Right now I'm not in a place to go over your code thoroughly, but at a glance I'm wondering if you need to declare your code with C linkage as explained here: extern "C" { float FooPluginFunction(); }

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