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I'm assuming guess variable will have a text from InputField, if so you could use this line to split the string from checking to NewLine string[] guessWords = guess.Split('\n'); and then retrieving the specific word from the guessWords array like if (string.Equals(guessWords[0], code)) { Debug.Log("code 1 correct"); } else { Debug.Log("code 1 ...


How do I know what the camera distance is from the image plane? I'm not sure if this is a meaningful question to ask - what is the image plane? A real camera has a plane on which an image is formed, but in OpenGL there is no such thing. If you need this for some physics-based calculation, you could possibly use the near clipping plane distance (third ...


As it says on the SDL documentation, SDL_GetKeyboardState returns an array of the keyboard state, with SDL_SCANCODE values as indices. You can't use the SDLK_ values, they won't reference the right values. So change your code to use the SDL_SCANCODE values. There is a reference page here. Your if-statement should then look like if ...

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