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Changing the EventSystem's following values: Input Actions Per Second: 2 Repeat Delay: 0.3 This makes it more responsive, but is not ideal because it involves changing the EventSystem present in every scene. If someone has a better solution, I'd be happy to hear it.


"What happens" depends entirely on how you process the keyboard event queue you're producing. If, during the processing of the queue, you dispatch handling for both the key down and the key up event, nothing interesting happens: the things you do on key-down and on key-up still happen normally, they just happen with less of a delay between them. If you ...


LibGDX handles touch pad taps as ordinary clicks. I own an Apple laptop (and only mention this due to their good touch pads). I used the following method. glfwSetMouseButtonCallback(window, mouse_button_callback); // At the start private final GLFWMouseButtonCallback mouse_button_callback = new GLFWMouseButtonCallback() { @Override public void ...


Did you tried the function mouseMove(int x, int y) like this: new Robot().mouseMove(150, 200); ? Source: Robot (Java 2 Platform SE 5.0)


Been using invert since d3d / shadow warrior, can't really remember which one was took my mouse virginity. I remember I had a serious dilemma about using invert or non-invert etc. I chose inverted and I regret nothing.


When compiling for a traditional Windows / Mac / Linux desktop setup, no this won't work. I dug through the SFML code and it turns out that the sf::Touch implementation won't really work unless you're on a touch-based device: From https://github.com/SFML/SFML/blob/master/src/SFML/Window/Win32/InputImpl.cpp bool InputImpl::isTouchDown(unsigned int ...


The base idea here is that you have to separate the concepts: Input Command Behaviour So basically, instead of linking the onTouchDown event to actor.rotate(90), you need an input manager that interprets the movements of the user: click doubleClick drag This input manager will generates these events from what you get from the base layers of your ...

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