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SDL2 is intended to deliver all these events, not to block one while another is active. SDL2 does deliver keyboard repeats. I use almost the same code, and I see repeated keys, but also mouse movement events interspersed. You could filter out keyboard repeats by doing } else if (event.type == SDL_KEYDOWN) { if(event.key.repeat == 0) { ...


Something for recent inquisitions, this is still in beta and works pretty well. Get the free beta download here: http://pluralinput.com/


The story like this.... Unity Input Manager pain is lasting for years. On Unity site you can find request on the forum for InputManager programmatic access dating from 2004, and feedback from 2009 with state planned today 2014. Below are some of the problems. 1) Ingame input controller mapping. Unity have user interface for mapping predefined bindings ...

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