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I'm not sure if I should just delete the question since I solved it on my own or if I should leave it up for others to see in case they have the same problem. For now I am going to add my edit to this as an answer but if I should just delete the entire question let me know! I'm relatively new to Stack Exchange and am not really sure. The problem with the ...


Get information (dimensions, coordinates) of two imageviews, then use rectangle intersection condition. Assume that two rectangles A, B with coordinate of top-left and buttom-right as follow: Rectangle A: (Xa1, Ya1) ; (Xa2, Ya2) Rectangle B: (Xb1, Yb1) ; (Xb2, Yb2) Overlap condition: ((Xb1 - Xa2)(Xb2 - Xa1) <= 0) && ((Yb1 - Ya2)(Yb2 - Ya2) ...

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