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Microsoft BMP files have a "monochrome" mode which uses just one bit per pixel (the file is still slightly larger due to meta-data). Note that this only applies to the actual graphic files. When you have your graphics framework unpack the image files to textures, the required texture memory might be more than 1bpp.


You should have a script attached to your Pen object. Inside this script you have references (wether public or just visible in editor) where you drag the children via editor. class YourPenScript { public GameObject Tint; public GameObject Case; public GameObject Ring; public GameObject Shape; private SpriteRenderer sr_tint; private ...


This isn't really a THREE.js problem (although THREE.js may limit your options for a solution); it happens with any terrain implementation of that type. From the screenshot, it looks like you're using a regularly-tessellated grid of geometry where each vertex is mapped to a height map point. Such a grid generally generates triangles in a pattern, for ...

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