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This isn't really a THREE.js problem (although THREE.js may limit your options for a solution); it happens with any terrain implementation of that type. From the screenshot, it looks like you're using a regularly-tessellated grid of geometry where each vertex is mapped to a height map point. Such a grid generally generates triangles in a pattern, for ...


So I've experimented with Petri Laarne's answer from StackOverflow and finally come up with a workable code (most examples online are using C#, and doesn't explain the entire process). Trying to explain it here: In Public Class Game1: Private WithEvents graphics As GraphicsDeviceManager Private WithEvents spriteBatch, spriteBatch2 As SpriteBatch In ...


Try changing the image using setDrawable() method: loading.setDrawable(new TextureRegionDrawable(new TextureRegion(new Texture("90.png")));

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