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Actually the author of Ink wrote a blog post explaining just that ! He is using Game Maker "surfaces" which are I think the equivalent of Framebufer Objects with color texture attachments in OpenGL.


You could use a large texture for procedurally generating those decals on the GPU. You could draw them in a way where they take the angle, density, viscosity, velocity (whatever you want) into account when drawing them. A 1024×1024 surface would give you 256 different 64x64 decals at any given time. You choose to use 2 blocks for longer "smears" if that's ...


From the video, it seems that the resolution isn't terribly high. If this isn't a problem, you could always use a single pixel buffer that you blit to the screen every frame, otherwise known as "software rendering". Then you can have effects as fancy as you can code. Before the 3D-accelerated days, old-school games got away with this because most screen ...

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