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Web browsers disable some Javascript features for security reasons. My bet is that you just hit Google Chrome forbidding XMLHttpRequest on local files by default (see this answer on SO for how to disable that, but beware: this is dangerous). See this page on the Chrome dev site for details. This is why you have to setup a local HTTP server to workaround ...


If you just open the game's root html-file in a browser, your browser will (hopefully) not allow that page to access any other files. This is a security feature that limits damage from malicious scripts. If you're comfortable on a command line and happen to have Python version 2 installed, an easy way to run a local web server is to change to the desired ...


You have to draw the image at every frame when using canvas, you render the image once when calling ctx.drawImage, and thereafter you don't render anything to the canvas, so it stays the same.


I've had similar issues myself in the past. Serving Pages What your HTML file is possibly doing is sending HTTP requests to Localhost in order to load resources (such as Pixi.js), not actually requesting files. If not, Pixi.js may be doing that itself. This is useful behavior on a web server, as some of the things it might be requesting could be generated ...

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