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No. √3 is an irrational number, and by definition an irrational number can not be used as a ratio between two natural numbers (integers) such as pixel counts. However, there is no rule that says you have to use ideal hexagons in your game tiles. If you approximate it closely and avoid any miscalculations that may result, which you should be able to do ...


Just in case anyone is interested: Lets assume sqrt(3) is rational: Therefore, there must be two integral numbers a and b such that a/b = sqrt(3) We assume these numbers are coprime, if they have a common factor, we divide by it producing a coprime pair, a and b We know that (a/b)^2 = 3 and therefore a^2 = 3 * b^2. 3 * b^2 is devisible by 3 as b^2 is ...

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