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In a nutshell, what makes a shallow water equation a shallow water equation is that the water height is not zero and it assumes no variation in the seafloor. Note: No fluid dynamics equation will allow for a water depth of 0, as that would mean you have no fluid. You should read the Wikipedia article on the shallow water equation. Basically, in shallow ...


Assuming you have translated this from the original Java code it looks like you have been a bit careless in adding brackets in a few places. For example the original code has: double t0 = 0.6 - x0 * x0 - y0 * y0 - z0 * z0; while you have: Dim t0 As Double = (0.6 - ((x0 * x0) - ((y0 * y0) - (z0 * z0)))) which if you remove the brackets is actually: Dim ...

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