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There are two factors that I've found to be the simplest and easiest way to decide which of the available GPUs will be the most powerful for a game: Device Type (Discrete vs. Integrated vs. Other) Graphics Memory Now of course for gaming more VRAM doesn't always mean better performance (a 980 Ti [6GB] usually outperforms a Titan X [12GB] in games) but in ...


It turns out that the cube map texture has to be EXACTLY square or OpenGL will break, and for some reason it doesn't throw an error when I do this, so I don't really know if this is a SOIL error or OpenGL error... EDIT: I used a different library to load textures and it seems that the texture still is black when its is not perfectly square.


Simplest possible way is obviously the following: create mesh with enough vertices that describes water surface configure your shader to move the vertices in a circle


Depends on which level of detail you wanna achieve. Height Maps could be a solution, try to avoid as much work on the CPU as possible in every case. You can combine also some techniques as tesselation. There are plenty sites on the web for inspiration, you know where to search :)

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