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No, it is not possible, unless you read the involved pixels into a pixel shader, and then do the interpolation in the shader program manually.


Technically, a line has no beginning or end. It is infinite in length. For disambiguation, this is often called a ray in graphics programming. A line of this type is described by any point on the line plus a direction. A line segment is what most people are referring to when they say 'a line'. It has a beginning and an end point. It's common to refer to a ...


It's hard to tell what exactly you are looking for but line segments are commonly described by their endpoints, or by a point, a normalized direction vector and a length. Another way would be a starting point and a non normalized direction vector which also is the length. For the purposes of raytracing, I usually use that second form (starting point, ...


It's a peak in a function defined in polar or spherical coordinates. If we look at the function y = cos(x) in rectangular coordinates, it looks like a wave, with peaks at 0 and 2pi: If we look at the function r = cos(theta) + 1 in polar coordinates, it looks like a bulge, or "lobe" that's greatest at 0: (Images above via Wolfram MathWorld) The same ...

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