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The usual way to do this in openGL 2.1 would be to draw each one like this (pseudocode): applyCameraTransformation(); for sprite in sprites: glPushMatrix(); glTranslate3f(sprite.x, sprite.y, sprite.z); sprite.draw(); glPopMatrix(); However, notice that you now have many more draw calls, and each one has to send ...


Inside the trigger : then activate object renderer. Outside the trigger : then deactivate object renderer.


This is the result of 1 / log(n). Using "Double Float" for calculations, alpha values in pictures are rounded to 2 decimal places. Black on White: White on Black:


Unfortunately, the only way to (theoretically) get stuff to layer together into a full-alpha pixel is to have a completely opaque layer. Reasoning: The alpha channel is a multiplier for applying the other colour channels. Painting a region with opacity opacity,n times, gives you 1 - opacity^n final alpha. Here's a demo: The leftmost is black at opacity ...

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