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I would recommend an alternative approach: the rapidly exploring random tree (RRT). One cool thing about it is you can get it to go around corners, or explode in all directions. The algorithm is really basic: // Returns a random tree containing the start and the goal. // Grows the tree for a maximum number of iterations. Tree RRT(Node start, Node goal, int ...


So, after @Jon helped me understand HLSL and render targets, I could understand more tutorials on the internet and I found my answers in the following links, if anyone is interested: First I read some of the Riemer's tutorials of HLSL to understand its basics. Second I read RB Whitaker's HLSL/Effect tutorials to get some more information. Third I read the ...


GameObject->UI->Image Put your unfilled circle outline sprite in image. Change the Image type to Filled. Then you can play with Fill amount property and also control in through code. Some credit goes to Shubham who I copied from instructions on a slightly different subject.

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