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From the assets you have downloaded , locate the prefab for the particle system in the project window. Once you have located the particle prefab, select it so that you can access its properties through the inspector. Example:- Here is a nice tutorial on particle system :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTQeW4muY10


Is the particle system instantiate triggering when it's supposed to? Can you open up the particle editor and change the effects? What version of Unity was the particle system package created on? Need a little more detail...


Actually the author of Ink wrote a blog post explaining just that ! He is using Game Maker "surfaces" which are I think the equivalent of Framebufer Objects with color texture attachments in OpenGL.


You could use a large texture for procedurally generating those decals on the GPU. You could draw them in a way where they take the angle, density, viscosity, velocity (whatever you want) into account when drawing them. A 1024×1024 surface would give you 256 different 64x64 decals at any given time. You choose to use 2 blocks for longer "smears" if that's ...


From the video, it seems that the resolution isn't terribly high. If this isn't a problem, you could always use a single pixel buffer that you blit to the screen every frame, otherwise known as "software rendering". Then you can have effects as fancy as you can code. Before the 3D-accelerated days, old-school games got away with this because most screen ...


Figured I had the shader versions too high (vs_5_0/ps_5_0) lowering them to their 4_0 variant fixed the error.


I found a quite nice tutorial on how to do this here: http://tikotepadventure.com/simple-water-reflexion/ The first part is of your interest, the rest maybe too to give a cool effect.

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