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I was about to start an answer going over splines, but realized there was probably already a pretty good explanation in the internet. And here it is. The relevant steps are 1 and 2 (3 isn't directly applicable) The gist of it is: Every so many frames, record where the player is: The key here is to make sure you're recording the ...


You can implement such effect using Polyboards. If you can get yourself a copy of Mathematics for 3D Game Programming and Computer Graphics, there is a section in the book dedicated to this technique. (actually, the section for polyboards is available for free here). This technique is also sometimes called a "LineRenderer" or "TrailRender".


when you have an object you can simply draw line to that object as seen as a red line on my pic ^^ MY line is drawn in red but you can tell the computer to not use a plain fill but use a gradient filling... now now haing such a gradient for filling (using black/white on the alpha channel) will result in beeing a fading tail after seeing your other ...

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