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I came back to this today and after some more investigation and trial and error I discovered that the culprit was targetTexture. With some more investigation I learned that reading and writing to the same texture in a shader is bad practice (not surprisingly) and will cause undefined behavior on GPUs. The solution was to copy the target texture to a new ...


No. The size of the array has to be a constant. Specifically from the GLSL specification: 4.1.9 Arrays ... When an array size is specified in a declaration, it must be an integral constant expression (see Section 4.3.3 “Constant Expressions” ) greater than zero.


The screen coords go from {-1,-1} to {1,1} but you are most likely feeding it {0,0} to {1,1} - hence the fact that only one-quarter of the screen gets rendered. So just to be clear - point {0,0} is not the top-left (or bottom-left, depending on your co-ordinate system) point; it's the center. This also explains the texture coord tranformation that you are ...

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