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The View Matrix is usually built with the "Look At" data, the Eye, Center and Up vectors. And it looks like this (in column major): | ux vx -nx -eyex | | uy vy -ny -eyey | | uz vz -nz -eyez | | 0 0 0 1 | Where u, v and n are the normalized vectors for the camera referential. u is the up vector, n is the direction the camera is looking at and v is ...


Since in OpenGL, by default, negative z is out towards the 'camera' and positive z is forward You're wrong. OpenGL uses a right-handed coordinate-system where x is right, y is up and z is into the camera, therefore negative z is forwards.


When you rotate your camera you should apply the same rotation matrix to your up vector. That should result in an up vector in the same direction as your view matrix's up direction.


it was about NDC conversion on Y axis. this should be properly calculated. I have to reflect it.

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