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The bug quite likely comes from angleAxis requiring a normalized vector (see quaternion.inl in the source code). You need to call normalize() on the cross product result. (you might be interested in my article about creating a quaternion from two vectors without using trigonometry functions)


historically billboards matrix just copy the camera view matrix, and replace the last row with their own world position. the scale can be world-fixed if you want trees or hard stuff. But it can also be screen-fixed for halo effects, in which case you need to scale using the euclidian distance. this can be done in the vertex shader rather than on CPU as an ...


Okay. Seems like you just want a single light-camera. But there are many different approaches. Like using multiple frustum splits (which means multiple light-cameras), which is called "Cascaded Shadow Mapping". Even the way you construct the frustum of your light-camera to encompass the main camera's frustum can be done in various ways. First some useful ...

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