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Check out this blog entry on fixing your timestep. Essentially the advice here is to use a loop where you draw as much as you can until a fixed threshold of time has passed, then update. Here is the recommended game loop; double t = 0.0; double dt = 0.01; double currentTime = hires_time_in_seconds(); double accumulator = 0.0; State previous; State ...


Just stop the timer and then call the callback yourself. clearTimeout(self.tables[table.id].currentTimer); callback();


You're wasting CPU cycles. That means lower battery time on notebooks, tablets and phones, higher electricity bills, more heat generated by the machine, noisier fans. Also, you may be eating cycles from other important system processes (e.g. the window server could become jerky), which could then affect gameplay. Some system schedulers on today's pre-emptive ...

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