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Are you calling FixedUpdate() or defining it? I think you should delete the opening brace after FixedUpdate(), and add a ; directly after FixedUpdate(). In other words, if your intent is to call the method, you should write FixedUpdate (); If your intent is to define a new method called FixedUpdate (), you should write void FixedUpdate(){ //code// ...


On each loop you destroy one object so your childcount goes down, at the half your i and childcount meet and the loop stops.


No. You have a condition in CheckCollision() that only prints 'Inner' if the condition is true (the condition is that there has to be at least one Platform that is in the proper state to apply the code block to. So for several Update calls, the code flow went to CheckCollision() but there were no Platforms colliding (probably) so there was zero items to run ...

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