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The questions you should be asking yourself is if it makes even sense to treat different character classes as different code classes. You usually use code-classes when you have objects which behave differently in terms of programming. But in many games, this isn't actually the case. Fighter, Warrior, Knight and Barbarian all can use the same programming, ...


One central reason would be that in order to assign different materials, you need different entities / meshes / sub-objects. You don't need to have an individual object for each minor element (such as the mouth or the lips of a head) if you are applying a texture later, but UV unwrapping a few not so complex object separately and applying then a material is ...


Unity does not natively support Java. There is scripting support for JavaScript, C# and Boo though. If you know Java the jump to C# is not that big. Also see this SO.SE answer. There however, seems to be a trick via a manual IKVM conversion from JAR to DLL that can work: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/15308/can-i-access-java-code-from-unity.html#


The code should serve the software engineer. Not the other way around. The code should be written in the most intuitive and simple way it can be written (but not simpler). Do not take advice unless you understand who it's intended for and what it's intended to resolve. You are wearing a very uncomfortable pair of shoes because someone said so but do you ...


Try not to take the stuff you read in books too literally and apply concepts only where you think they really fit rather than just because you are trying to follow some pattern. In my case I design my entities to have properties based on what makes logical sense. I would not loop through every object in this manner because doing so per frame will get very ...


Try using Visual Studio Tools for Unity from Syntax tree http://unityvs.com/ You can debug Unity from within Vs with this plugin.

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