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this is more of an unity problem (because when you forced Vsync in the nvidia it fixed it), i would go to unity's own answers site Unity answers for better support and even contact unity support if this is something important


Only crudely. First, FPS is a not a linear measure. The difference between 11k FPS and 9k is extremely small (0.0000201 seconds per frame). But the difference between 60 and 2060 FPS (a 2k FPS delta, the same that exists between 11k and 9k) is 0.0161 seconds... much larger. It can thus be dangerous as a performance metric simply because large differences ...


I don't see why you couldn't use it! Keep in mind that you may have to code differently to account for the differences between fixed/variable timestep, so if you're planning on making it fixed when you release, you'll need to make adjustments. See this article: http://rbwhitaker.wikidot.com/time-steps Is this a good indication that my code is ...

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