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There are a number of tools for this purpose. Flash itself has an option for something like Export to PNG Sequence. Texture Packer also can import a SWF. Yet another option, which I used to create the spritesheets for the HTML5 demo on my site, is Zoe, the spritesheet tool that comes with CreateJS.


I'm guessing you mean "Flash Pro". You can export a sprite sheet directly from inside Flash Pro. Instructions are available on Adobe's web site. http://helpx.adobe.com/flash/using/create-sprite-sheet.html This will take a snapshot of each frame of the animation, at the interval for the frame rate you specify, then combine all the frames into a grid in a ...


I don't think there's enough information to diagnose the problem, but my guess is that you have the MOUSE_MOVE handler on the object you're dragging. That event fires only when the mouse is over the object. When you move the mouse quickly, it ends up not over that object, so you stop getting the events. This is not a problem with “precision”, but about where ...


You might try using Flump: http://threerings.github.io/flump/ You'll have to port one of the existing client libraries to Unity, but the client libs are simple and should be pretty easy to port. Most of the heavy lifting is done by the exporter.


While not exactly what you're looking for, this post on reddit might be of interest - an upcoming tool for rendering swf animations in Unity, from the sounds of it the performance is good and you still retain the cross-platform functionality.


Have you tried using ShoeBox it has many utilities for SWF files. One of those allows you to create spritesheets from a SWF file.


I think I solved it. The answer is: var matrix = new Matrix(); var cos = Math.cos(angle); var sin = Math.sin(angle); matrix.a = scaleX * cos * screenScaleX; matrix.b = scaleX * sin * screenScaleY; matrix.c = -scaleY * sin * screenScaleX; matrix.d = scaleY * cos * screenScaleY; This way, the screen can use non-uniform scaling without distorting rotated ...

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