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If you choose to use Unity you can also consider using GAF Converter http://www.gafmedia.com/ This tool converts Flash animations into a format that is supported by most development frameworks, including unity. You just need to install a free plug-in and you will be able to convert animations directly in Unity and use them right away. There is an article on ...


I figured it out. I used the DisplayObjects function swapChildren() and it did the job!


Put the horse animation on play and remove the horseTwo.gotoAndPlay(next); line from the event listener. The problem is the horseTwo.gotoAndPlay(next); line. With that you are always returning to the beginning of the current label, end the animation never goes forward. The animation plays automatically when it is on play. So you dont need the var ...


Just to round out ScrambleRK's answer, there is a more recent, OpenFl compliant version of as3hx available. You can find it here: https://github.com/openfl/as3hx As3hx is essentially an command-line tool, but it's fairly simple to use. I recently ported an API using the tool. There was some post-editing that needed to be done on the generated hx files, but ...

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