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You want to add the different clips to the FPSController Animator so when you create your fall animation it will be with the others in that controller like walk , run ect .. You will animate the hands movements and record the movements from the FPS Controller animation window. Animation The Animator Controller


Both ways, but the model is more common in modern games Only a few games use an image, the majority use a model and align the model to the centre of the screen. This blog post gives much detail on the various systems, including ones not mentioned in the OP Aim systems in First Person Shooters


You can use a model. Often, HUD elements, sometimes including weapons, are rendered seperately from the environment. In the simplest example you'd set up the animation so that the ironsights line up with the zero-axis, and align the model's zero axis with the camera. Using Unity as an example, you'd put the weapon in the HUD layer so that it's drawn with a ...

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