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I'd like to examine two multiplayer class-based FPS games with support classes as case studies: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Team Fortress 2. Both have separate classes that give health and ammo, and I think it's helpful to consider both types of support. Enemy Territory has three support functions - healing, reviving and ammo - given by two classes - ...


When dealing with different frames of reference interacting with each other instantaneously, you have to compromise somewhere, you cannot have everything consistent everywhere; that's a fact of life. The scenario you have outlined is basically this: the shooter thinks she has hit her target, but the target thinks she has successfully hidden behind an ...


Calculating UV in vertex shader: uv.xy = mul(world2object, cameraWorldPos-mul(object2world, (0,0,0,1)))+(0.5,0.5)


i think you mean the 3 dimensional offset of the holographic sight that is positioned relative to the actual frame. i think the best way to simulate the reflected projection of the dot / cross is to offset a sprite from the glass a little bit to the front of the gun ( but still ceeping it inside the frame / housing of the sight ). Also render it from the ...

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