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Typically you need to zero out any transforms before you export into an exchange format or else it's bound to go totally crazy on the other end. That could be the issue. It could also be a bug in the exporter or in how assimp reads it. File formats like FBX are very complicated and this is very common. If you export the animation/skeleton separately it's ...


I had the same issue when I was attempting to make a model for a UAV in Blender and import it to unreal engine. I think I recall as a solution I just redid my bone weights and it fixed the problem. Then i rotated the model to go the direction I wanted to in unreal.


It would seem the only way to do this is to have the vertex colours correspond to a particular material (which wouldn't work as materials are set per face not per vertex) or completely re-write the FBX importer to take materials into account As far as I can tell it's otherwise impossible

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