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According to the Wiki the Content Pipeline for Android requires different steps and it seems does not yet work with MonoGame's own content project. However it seems parts are already working (a bit). So a possible work around is to import the FBX model without textures, but including texture coordinates (UV's) and load the texture separately. Then apply the ...


As it currently stands, his positive z direction is equivalent to your negative z direction. Notice in the top right corner of the scene view, you have an axis indicator to tell you where the camera is currently facing (it says Persp, and shows x, y and z). Also notice how in the tutorial, his axis is aligned in the opposite z direction than yours. If you ...


The code is good and Unity it's working correctly (look at the arrows on the screenshot, they're pointing in the right direction). As far as the screenshot helps me to debug, you just need to rotate the object and go torwards th

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