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Taken from Facebook's Payment Terms: Whenever you complete a sale on our platform, Facebook will credit the proceeds from that sale, less our service fee, to your Developer Balance. Facebook will earn a 30% service fee, plus any applicable sales tax or VAT, in connection with each Facebook Payments transaction on our platform.


I am not a lawyer, and interpreting legal documents can be tricky. When in doubt you should always consult a lawyer about your specific scenarios. That said, these things are usually covered in the EULAs for the software or services in question. They are generally completely independent of eachother. Unity's EULA is here. The relevant two passages are: ...


There is actually a major bug with the latest version of Facebook SDK and the OpenSSL. Every time you click on Facebook/Settings Unity hang and becomes unresponsive. I had to download found here and the problem was solved. The proper solution was provided on SO.

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