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On your FB.Login make sure you request the action public void FBLogin() { FB.Login("email, publish_actions", AuthCallback); }


There is several different ways to accomplish this task, I found the best way for me was to use a bool and if statement like if(!PauseManager.paused) You could do something like if(!LoginPanelActive) or something then if it is paused or active the buttons just won't trigger and will not until you want them to again. This will also block drags across mobile ...


if (FB.IsLoggedIn) { FB.Feed( linkCaption: "YourGame", picture: "http://YourImageLink.png", linkName: "YourGameMessage!", link: "http://apps.facebook.com/" + FB.AppId + "/?challenge_brag" + (FB.IsLoggedIn ? FB.UserId : "guest") ); }


replace the link to something like this link: "http://apps.facebook.com/" + FB.AppId + "/?challenge_brag" + (FB.IsLoggedIn ? FB.UserId : "guest")

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